Company philosophy


By 2020, Senior Flexonics will be the company with the strongest organic growth in our markets in Europe. Confident in our high performance levels, we guarantee to meet all market and customer requirements.


The pressure- and temperature-resistant channelling of media in complex, flexible systems is our passion. As a solution provider and reliable system supplier, our services help companies to ensure the quality of their products in the long term. High-quality metal hoses, expansion joints and bellows from Senior Flexonics remain safe, durable and consistent because they have been tailored perfectly to the requirements of our customers and their markets.


1. Trust based on better performance

The best solutions in terms of quality, time and costs always come from us with an unexpected additional benefit for the customer. This may range from another technical solution to an additional process-optimising idea.

2. Reliability due to fast response times

Our superior response times to enquiries, during projects, and in production ensure the best possible support for our customers.

3. Growth through ideas

We are always looking for new means, products and services to make continual improvements and to support our customers with suggestions on how to optimise their products and processes.