Chronology of Senior Flexonics GmbH


Christian Berghöfer founds Chr. Berghöfer & Co. in Kassel with engineers and technicians. The aim: the improvement and further development of metal hoses, more functionality and quality.


First success: the further development of the hose technology with new production system, first with metal hoses provided with seals and ability to withstand pressure, the first brands: Agraflex and Pyroflex. They become the new standard and conquer the market, especially in mining.


The production of seamless metal hoses becomes a reality. By 1927, the workforce increases to 250 employees. The export business becomes an important source of revenue.


The key market innovation: the process of hydraulic forming. Development and production at Berghöfer changes for ever in the following years.


A new generation of Berghöfer stainless steel high-performance expansion joints conquers the market: single-layer and multi-layer, powerful and of highest quality.


Berghöfer develops the first corrugated hose for solar-thermal power plants in California, USA, business booms. 


The first CNC machine developed in-house for the production of high-performance expansion joints is built.


Delivery to the heating sector starts with a newly developed corrugated hose. Three-shift production on the new machines begins.


As "Senior Flexonics Berghöfer GmbH", the company now belongs to the company group "Senior plc, London (UK)". Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:1994


The company is integrated into the automotive division under the name Senior Berghöfer GmbH.


Quality assurance, occupational safety and environmental protection are merged and certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001. The company becomes an EMAS registered location following the EC environmental audit. 


A new production method for manufacturing miniature bellows is developed successfully. Sales in the automotive sector doubles in around two years.


Berghöfer reinforces its commitment to the "alternative energies" segment with the development of special products. The laboratory gets new testing facilities for further tests on behalf of customers. 


Investment in the future: the development of a flexible corrugated hose for the loading / unloading process of liquid natural gas.


Certification according to ISO/TS 16949:2002; 100 years Berghöfer, 100 years of exemplary pioneering performance and creativity: We are anxious to see what will follow.


Senior Flexonics GmbH. Senior Berghöfer GmbH changes the company´s name to Senior Flexonics GmbH.