SQS - Senior Quality System

0-Defects | Quality management

The practical part of our "SQS". In quality management, deliveries with guaranteed "zero defects" is technically feasible. The first step for the implementation of a zero defect program is to change the attitude towards defects. Defects must not be seen as something normal and inevitable, but rather as a source of cost reduction and improvement. Occurring defects must be examined and permanently removed through systematic application of the quality tools. To avoid defects, financial and human resources must be treated separately from troubleshooting.

0-Waste | Environmental Management

As just described, in the manufacturing of our products, it is to be noted that we use energy and material efficiently. But of course, we also find environmentally friendly production processes very important, not only because we have a responsibility towards the present and future generations. It is first and foremost an important part of securing our site and its jobs. The conservation of resources and efficient use of energy ensure our competitiveness. 

0-Accidents | Occupational Safety Management

Where is it more dangerous? In road traffic or here with us in production? Yes, of course! As a percentage, there are more accidents every year in road traffic than in production at German companies. This is firstly because we can control our safety measures better and also, above all, because we can rely on each other. In road traffic, we have to reckon with people who think in a different way to us and behave in a way which is unexpected for us. And yet there are many car drivers who adapt to this situation and drive their whole lives without any accidents.

It is again the philosophy and common implementation of practice which benefits each one of us.

And it is also like this with our "SQS" - a philosophy which is beneficial to each one of us.