Power Generation

Sustainability, environmental awareness and responsibility characterise our business. Senior Flexonics products are used in all areas of renewable energy, both in solar thermal power plants as well as the private sector: the connection and piping of solar panels in solar power plants, alternative energy, in wind turbines, in hydroelectric and tidal power stations, in hydrogen technology, in biogas plants and in alternative fuel technology.   

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Our products for you at a glance:  


Flexible connection to the heat collectors of parabolic collectors

Already involved in solar power plants in the USA since 1986 for the transport of thermal oil and molten salt. The components are easy to install, immediately ready for use and maintenance-free for the entire lifetime of the plant.


Flexible connection to the thermal collector from linear Fresnel

A thermal hose line that is connected to the  supply line and compensates for thermal expansion. The proven design is impressive with its high pressure and temperature resistance and large axial expansion.

Receiver bellows

Innovative metal bellows

These special metal bellows offset the expansion of different materials with a high, solar absorption capacity and low heat loss. They secure the function of the heat collector and thus the efficiency of the power plant.

Expansion joints for collecting lines

The metal expansion joint systems are designed especially for you with Multi-Ply-Design. They offset thermal expansion in the supply pipes (FL) and secure the HCE (heat collection element). Highest flexibility, highest efficiency, long service life and cost savings are all impressive features.

Hoses for central lubrication systems

These metallic hoses are used to protect the system against corrosion, stresses and embrittlement. In this way, efficiency at the plant and smooth running are ensured. Further areas of application are in development.